Danny Browning is one of the two main characters of Zathura. At the beginning of the movie,he didn't get along with his brother Walter. Then he got along with him when he was nice and a better brother. Danny seems very innocent compared to Walter. Despite lacking the ability to correctly read, and not understanding the meaning of certain words (e.g. "evasive" and "defective"), Danny is logical and competent, and wishes to establish a peaceful relationship with Walter. He is portrayed by Jonah Bobo.


Danny Browning (whose last name as Danny Budwing is differrent than the book) is one of two main protagonists of the book Zathura and film Zathura: A Space Adventure. He is the younger of two sons (three children in the film, counting a teenage sister, named Lisa), the older one being Walter. He doesn't like being treated like a baby or anything but a brother, and he enjoys playing games. At the beginning, he doesen't get along with his brother (or his sister), though when their father says he is going to wake up Lisa, the boys secretly seem to get along with her as they try to persuade him to let her sleep. He even enjoys watching SpongeBob SquarePants, much to his brother's dismay.


Walter BrowningEdit

Main article: Walter and Danny Walter and Danny were fighting a lot at first. Walter would often chase Danny and call him a baby. Then during the day, Walter learned to be a better brother and trusted him.

The AstronautEdit

The Astronaut and Danny are very compatable. The Astronaut calls Danny "The Big Guy" even though Walter is older.

Lisa BrowningEdit

Danny and Lisa didn't seem to come in contact a lot. She got mad at Walter and Danny for "setting the house on fire". Overall, Danny and Lisa are compatable.


  • He can sometimes say words incorrectly. He tried to insult Lisa but his words came out incorrect