Don't Throw Your Books

The Rules! (These are not the rules, they are just a photo of rules).

This page is about the rules of this wiki


  • No vandalism: No inserting incorrect information about the characters or deleting good content from pages.

If you vandalize once: You will get a warning

If you vandalize more than once: You will be blocked

  • No Bad Language: Try to censor bad words as much as possible please. Example: F*ck or @$$
  • No Bullying: No bad comments about other users.
  • No making fun of a character: Making fun of a character is not allowed. This is considered bullying.

What to Remember

  • Be sure to check your editing before you publish. The whole world will be able to see your editing.
  • Have fun on this wiki! As long as you follow the rules, you can do as much editing as you want!