Zorgon (42)


Zorgons are significant antagonists of Zathura. They are reptilian humanoids who viciously prey on sources of warmth and heat. Zorgons have no known limit as to how much they are able to eat, but choose to eat only meat.


  • Hunting Heat Sources
  • Eating Meat


The reason Zorgons seek for heat sources is because they are cold-blooded. Following the deliberate burning of their home-planet, they traverse the galaxy in their ships searching for heat sources. One ship attacks the house but is lured by the burning Dad's nap sofa the Astronaut pushed into space as bait. Two ships come back when Lisa turns on many heat sources. They board the house, one ship on the roof and one in the basement. The Zorgons then started to burn up everything in the basement. The Zorgon ships are known to travel independently, but within communications range of a larger fleet. No Zorgon ship designations have been assumed, as there is only one known class of Zorgon vessel. Zorgons are assumed to be able to breed animals, as seen from their stock of "goats". Zorgons communicate through hisses and growls.